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..for critical thinkers

What is Solvable World?

There is more information accessible to children and adults than ever before, but there aren't reliable filters for it.

The MIND is the filter that determines the difference between illogical, irrational fake news, and information that is important for deep understanding and progress.

Solvable World delivers monthly quandaries that will start to help particpants bridge social emotional , rational and logical elements of deep critical thinking. 


Think of your absolute favorite thing to eat or drink. Something you have at least once per week. Chocolate, Coffee, Salad, Candy... Would you give that up forever if it meant that a village of 100 people could be supplied with clean running water for 5 years.   

At Another's ExpenseYour best friend is always trying to make people laugh. Sometimes her jokes involve making fun of others or passing judgment on others in unfair ways. This often leads to someone feeling hurt or self-conscious. Do you say something or just laugh along?


For one day, you can be the fastest person in the world. Your name will be added to the record books and you'll become an overnight sensation. 
You can train hard for 1 year and be the running partner for the fastest Paralympic runner in the world (who is blind) as they compete for the gold.


Part 1: Would you step on (and kill) a roach or swat a pesky fly?

You witness an armed man rob a bank, but instead of keeping the money for himself, he donates it to a local orphanage. You know this orphanage has been struggling for funding, and this money will allow the children to receive proper food, clothing and medical care. If you report the crime, the money will be taken away from the orphanage and given back to the bank. No one will know that you are aware of the identity of the robber unless you speak up. What would you do? 

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